Peckfield Landfill, Ridge Road, Micklefield,
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25 4DW
Tel: 0113 286 5784 Fax: 0113 287 3796

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Contaminated Land Disposal.

Peckfield Landfill Site is permitted to accept non hazardous contaminated land.

Over the last 200 years the industrial revolution saw the expansion of the steel, coal, chemical and other industries as a result Yorkshire has a legacy of land contamination through this historic industrial use. Caird Bardon Ltd can offer safe and secure disposal of contaminated land at Peckfield Landfill Site.

The wealthy industrialists created by the industrial revolution also left a further legacy "invasive plants." Phillipe von Siebold brought Japanese Knotweed to Europe in 1829 as an ornamental plant. Japanese Knotweed is now known to damage infrastructure and upset the balance of our native ecosystems. Caird bardon Ltd can offer safe, secure and compliant disposal of soil containing invasive plants.

Even today land contamination can arise from accidental leaks and spills, Caird bardon Ltd can offer disposal of soils contaminated with solvents, oil, petrol and heavy metals.

Caird Bardon Ltd site staff can be contacted to offer advice on the analytical requirements to ensure compliant landfill disposal.